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Highlights of Sand-Doh

NON-TOXIC SAFE MATERIAL: It’s made of micro glass beads, silicone and beeswax. Passes the ASTM Child Products Safety Test.


LOADS OF SENSORY FUN: It flows through kids fingers like real sand & works like play dough when pressed together. Doesn’t stick to their hands. Kids can not stop playing with it! 


IT NEVER DRIES OUT! Sand-doh is reusable, day after day. Build a castle today, tomorrow change and reshape into something else. Endless hours of fun and imagination.


GREAT FOR TEACHING PRESCHOOLERS: Easily shaped by small hands or modeling tools. A great tool to help preschoolers learn shapes, numbers, alphabets and other themes in a fun way


EASY TO CLEAN: Sand-doh sticks to itself for easy clean up!   It only stick to itself not hands or other things, so NO MESS ON THE FLOOR!


Great Gift idea for both Boys & Girls. CLASSROOM APPROVED! Great family activity!

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