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1. Who can play with Sand-Doh? 

Sand-Doh modeling compound is designed for anyone ages 3 and up. 

Children younger than 3 should be supervised by an adult when playing with Sand-Doh.


2. Where can kids play with Sand-Doh? 

A hard surface is recommended for playing with any modeling toys. 


3. What if a child eats Sand-Doh? 

The Sand-Doh is made of micro glass beads, silicone and beeswax. Consuming a small amount should safely pass through their system. If a large amount is consumed, please consult a physician.


4. How to clean up if Sand-doh is spread on the floor? 

Sand-doh is naturally attracted to itself. Grab some Sand-Doh and to pick up other Sand-Doh on the floor or other surfaces. 


5. What if the Sand-Doh stick to hands?

Sand-doh will not stick to clean, dry cleans. Washing and dry hands before and after playing with modeling toys is always recommended. 

Any other questions, please feel free to contact us!


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